How To Get Your Six-pack in 2011

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How To Be The Most

Shredded, Rock Hard Guy

At Your Gym In Just Weeks!

Now It Will Be Easy Thanks To The Amazing New Lipotase!
“I know I have a great personality so that left me believing that my looks were the only thing that has been holding me back and keeping me single. I knew I needed a change. Now I can’t give all the credit toLipotase because it takes more motivation and dedication then just taking some pills to get in shape! But I have to say with takingLipotase it helped me reach my goals easier, faster, and now helps with keeping the weight off!”
~ Ronnie S.

If you want the most cut-up, and hardest physique at your gym please listen to every word of this vitally important message, because you’re about to discover how to “get there”… easily!

That’s right friend, in a few short weeks you could be the most shredded, and most rock-hard guy at your gym once you get all the awesome details about a revolutionary compound called Lipotase!

Lipotase is an all new hardening, anti-estrogenic agent that works dramatically different than any other product like it, due to its two revolutionary components. However, before you get all the super hot details on how they work, here’s something very important that you need to know, and that is… if you don’t have a six pack, and if you don’t have intense, deep muscle separation…. then you have no business calling yourself a bodybuilder.

Harsh words? Maybe, but it’s the truth! But here’s some good news because Lipotase™ is such a phenomenal “six-pack maker,” and “muscle hardener” that the only thing that will keep your shirt on once you start using it… are below freezing temperatures! Here’s an example of the results you can expect. Let’s say that you now weigh 200 lbs and have 15% bodyfat, which for the average joe isn’t bad, but it’s about twice as much fat than is acceptable for a bodybuilder. And after being on Lipotase for six weeks, you now weigh 185 lbs, but your bodyfat is only 7%! Sure, you lost a little size, but you’ll look significantly bigger at this super shredded weight as opposed to the smooth 200 lbs!

Lipotase Is So Potent It’s Believed To Burn Fat…
Independent Of Exercise

Lipotase was amazing… before I started taking it I was 215 lbs and 21% bodyfat. I am now at 185 lbs and 10% bodyfat. I did my workouts, dieted and took Lipotase
~ Christian F.

Now let’s talk about why Lipotase is such an awesome fat burning and hardening agent. As you may not know,Lipotase contains a compound which is believed to increase fat-oxidizing enzymes in the body that could burn fat independent of exercise. And what many users are reporting is that they’re burning fat automatically, without even working out… and when they do work out, they’re burning fat twice as fast!

“Without a doubt,’s exclusive products gave me the fastest results on the planet. I got bigger and more ripped than ever in 6 weeks. After trying your products, me and all of my buddies won’t go anywhere else for supps.”
~ Dave M.

The second active compound in Lipotase was included because it’s believed to be a very powerful anti-estrogen. And, if you know anything about hormones, you know estrogen is a female hormone and it’s why women hold twice as much fat as the average man.

So, if you can block estrogen, you’ll take on a very hard anvil type appearance with no subcutaneous fat and very little water retention. But here’s the most exciting news of all about this anti-estrogen component, it is believed to work on a progressive basis. And what this simply means is… the longer you’re on it, the more it blocks estrogen, because it’s designed to “turn down” the estrogen receptor as opposed to just occupying the receptor site like other anti-estrogens.

So each and every day you’ll get a little bit harder and harder and leaner and leaner. Oh, and one other very important thing… once you start to block estrogen, you’ll also start to elevate testosterone. So, as long as you keep your protein intake high, you may even grow while you get so ripped and shredded.

So Call Right Away And Take The First Step Toward Getting Shredded Beyond Belief!

So quick, what on earth are you waiting for? Lipotase is beyond awesome and works far, far better than the thermogenic agents that only work for a few days, and give you that burned out feeling.

And if you really want to freak people out, try stacking Lipotasewith Androxybol and Mesobolin. The reason this combination will practically work miracles is because these two compounds will set into motion the muscle building process while the Lipotasepeels away fat and makes you super hard! So make it urgent and call now to place your order for Lipotase!

  • Lipotase
  • Extreme Hardening Agent!
  • Shutdown Estrogen & Get Ripped To The Bone!
  • Oxidizes Fat To Reveal Your 6-Pack and Striations!
  • Boosts Testosterone For Solid Mass & Cuts!
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