10 Steps to Adding Ten Pounds of Muscle

You’ve been working hard to add some muscle to your body, and you’ve made great improvements. However, you have not yet made it to where you want to be. Let’s set a reasonable goal of ten new pounds of pure muscle added to your frame in the next calendar year. How will you do it? Will you utilize some novel approach to diet, or some secret Chinese spice to change things up? Of course not. You will make minor adjustments to your daily regimen which will work together to deliver a small bit of growth each week – which will lead to major changes over a course of a year. Here are ten steps you should follow to add some muscle to your frame.

Add a salad
One additional Caesar or garden salad, added to your daily diet, will move your entire daily food consumed through your digestive system much faster. This will not only make you healthier and give you a trimmer midsection, but it will also make you hungrier throughout the day for other meals. This will mean you’ll begin eating more – and growing more.

Add a whey shake
Just an extra 40 grams of protein per day will make a meaningful change to your physique over the course of a year.

Add 20-rep squats
Once a week, at the middle or end of your leg day, add one set of 20-repetition squats to your routine. The combination of growth hormone release and thigh slow-twitch muscle fiber stimulation will be unbeatable!

Add two handfuls of nuts
Just two handfuls of healthy nuts such as almonds, at 10 am and 2 pm daily, will add healthy fats and calories that your body needs to grow.

Add three naps per week
Your brain releases growth hormone when you sleep. Three small Gh releasing sessions each week will make a huge difference over the course of a year.

Add Aminos
Visit your favorite supplement store and pick up a bottle of amino acids. Add two caplets to your diet, three times per day. You’ll notice the changes in just a few weeks.

Add ten chins
However many wide-grip chins you are completing each week – add ten to that number. If you’re currently doing none, you will now be using ten. If you’re currently doing 30, you just moved up to fifty. Your back will grow, and your body weight will increase as a result.

Add a single supplement
Have you been looking at adding a new supplement to your morning meal? Add it! Creatine, glutamine, and scores of others can make a huge difference in your growth and progress in the gym.

Add your anti-oxidants
The simple addition of a few more oral administrations of Vitamin E and C to your daily diet will deliver some better muscle recover, repair and growth. Plus, anti-oxidants keep you healthy!

Add time
Be patient. Growth of the positive, pure-muscle variety doesn’t happen overnight. Stick to these principles for a year and you’ll see significant changes to your physique.

This article is provided from BodybuildingToday.com, the world’s leading bodybuilding training information site. You can find more free information about Training, Supplement, Diet and Nutrition articles by visiting BodybuildingToday.com.


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If you take bodybuilding seriously, you should know not everything is about lifting weight. All the bodybuilding professionals not only lift heavy weight and have an exercise routine but also take supplements to enhance the muscle’s complexion. If you really want to look good and strong, you have to do something else than just go to the fitness center...
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