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What Is Your Main Goal When It Comes To Your Exercise Program?

People who are carrying excess body fat suffer weight problems. Overeating and unhealthy lifestyle are the main causes being pointed out however hereditary aspect is also being considered. A fat or obese person knows that he or she needs to … Continue reading

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Extreme High Volume Training – 12 Workouts Per Week

High-volume training works wonders for some bodybuilders. Devoting 4 to 5 days per week to training, and spending 45 to 75 minutes in each session allows intermediate and advanced trainers to effectively stimulate each body part, while still allowing at … Continue reading

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Steroids And Peer Pressure Among Pro Bodybuilders

Steroids use should be balanced upon the knowledge that they are intrinsically highly toxic to body organs. A user’s liver may develop complications that may be critical. If for instance the liver, which sieves metabolic wastes, is inflamed by steroids … Continue reading

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