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High Intensity Interval Cardio Training

Before I ever started training or doing cardio, I told myself, “the harder you work, the better the result.” Makes sense, right? Well, then someone told me, “No, actually, when it comes to aerobic work, you’ll want to do longer … Continue reading

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8 Awesome Weight-Training Tips

Every man hitting the gym is looking to improve his overall physique. However, many guys stifle their progression to a better body by overlooking some of the simple and basic fundamentals of weight-training and bodybuilding. Keeping the following eight tips … Continue reading

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Optimal Heart Rate For Cardio Workouts

Optimal Heart Rate For Cardio Workouts By Dane C. Fletcher Many bodybuilders do cardio only by the clock. They know they have to hop on the treadmill and knock out 30 or 45 minutes’ worth of plugging away, and they’re … Continue reading

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Cardio For Bodybuilders – What You Need To Know

You train like a bodybuilder because you want to look like a bodybuilder, right? You would train like a powerlifter if your goals were numerical based and involved the major lifts. You would train like a ballerina if your goal … Continue reading

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