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Muscle Fibers: Slow Vs Fast Twitch

Muscle Fibers: Slow Vs Fast Twitch By Dane C. Fletcher When it comes to muscle, most lifters aren’t aware of any difference from the various types of fibers which work together to comprise a muscle group. They know there are … Continue reading

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8 Awesome Weight-Training Tips

Every man hitting the gym is looking to improve his overall physique. However, many guys stifle their progression to a better body by overlooking some of the simple and basic fundamentals of weight-training and bodybuilding. Keeping the following eight tips … Continue reading

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Extreme High Volume Training – 12 Workouts Per Week

High-volume training works wonders for some bodybuilders. Devoting 4 to 5 days per week to training, and spending 45 to 75 minutes in each session allows intermediate and advanced trainers to effectively stimulate each body part, while still allowing at … Continue reading

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7-Day Muscle Building Routine

Whether you’re trying to gain mass of sheer power or merely look better in that t-shirt, bodybuilding has numerous benefits. It’s also a great way to improve your overall health and get the blood flowing; muscle also burns more calories … Continue reading

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