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Weight Lifting Exercises Based On Your Gender

Weight lifting should not be confused with “weight training,” which is the general lifting that you do at the gym. Weight lifting standards are an indication of the maximum load or one repetition max (1RM) that you should be able … Continue reading

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Gain Muscle and Lose Fat – Free Diet Plan for Bodybuilders

If you go to the bookstore or look online, you’ll quickly notice that there’s no shortage of diet books or websites. It seems that everyone and their brother has a book that guarantees to show you the secret of weight … Continue reading

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5 Nutrition Tips To Spice Up Your Diet

Here are some tips that will make your diet healthier and a lot less boring. 1. Get A Cook BookYou know, you can only cook so many dishes with the knowledge that you gathered from your college room mate, unless … Continue reading

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How Do I Start Bodybuilding – 4 Secrets For Gaining Muscle Fast!

A beautiful body on a magazine can indeed be a product of modern technology. Many people ask how do I start bodybuilding? To answer this question you need to know that no amount of physical activity can give you your … Continue reading

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20 Bodybuilding Tips To Get You Ripped And Shredded!

In case that “diet” hasn’t worked – here are some down and dirty tips to get you ripped and shredded fast… Fat loss, dieting, bodybuilding In case that “diet” hasn’t worked….. 1. About 5 minutes before lunch or dinner, drink … Continue reading

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Evening Food Consumption – Tips For Bulking and Muscle Growth

Ask any massive bodybuilder what he ate to reach his size, and chances are good that it would take less time to describe what he didn’t eat to get that big. Bodybuilders are notorious for eating everything under the sun … Continue reading

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